Eat Your Way Around the World: India

Because Indian cuisine comes from a philosophy about health called Ayurveda that emphasizes harmony, an Indian meal often incorporates all the flavors: spicy, sweet, tangy, sour and savory. This serves as a really interesting conversation piece in introducing kids to Indian culture. We’ve served up some delicious dishes that are really fun to make and inspire a little culinary adventure for your little ones.

Banana Dosai. If your kids like pancakes, this is an Indian spin on it that can be served for breakfast or desert!

Samosas and Chutney. This savory pastry is so fun to prepare, its just like arts and crafts! Plus there are endless variations on the filling and the mint chutney is really fast and easy in the food processor.

Red Lentil Dal. This dish is a staple in India: it’s nutritious, requires simple preparation and even babies can eat it (and like it!).

To make your Indian evening more entertaining, you can check out a book of Indian folktales, some of which go back 2500 years! Here’s a great reference for digging up some folktale treasures:

Given the chance, kids love to try new flavors and hear new stories. Not only does it broaden their palette but it also widens up your options for healthy food.


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