Eat Your Way Round the World: Thailand

With its bright colors and wide variety of flavors, Thai food is a delicious vehicle for getting your kids their daily dose of nutrition, plus it’s really fun to make. Try these really simple but winning combinations that get kids fired up about dinnertime.

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce. Kids love this assembly, and the yogurt, curry, peanut combo is a slam dunk with all ages. We recommend dialing back or eliminating the chili sauce.

Look Chin (Sweet and Sour Meatballs) These Thai meatballs are street food grilled and served on their own, or in a red curry broth with noodles. Red doesn’t necessarily mean spicy, in fact this dish has been described as Thai Spaghetti.

Mango Sticky Rice. Sweet and smooth, this yummy healthy desert goes over well with even babies, and for kids you can throw a little saffron in there to make it more exotic:

Thailand abounds with wonderful and unusual scents and tastes, the kind that kids really love to explore, too. Maybe starting with some simpler ingredients like whole raw coconut (really wow them by drilling a hole and drinking right out of the hull!) or baby corn can give them an idea of some possibilities.

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