Adding It Up: Great Gaming Apps the Teach Basic Math Skills

Technology offers some imaginative techniques for math fundamentals, and fun!

Your child wants to be a veterinarian, or a fireman, or a chef. What do all these vocations have in common? Math. While we as parents understand its importance, we sometimes minimize the value of math skills, especially if we struggled with it when we were young.

Unlike the old days, we have a much more diverse sense of how children learn, and technology has lent a considerable hand in expanding the ways that kids can acquire these basic skills. We put a list together of some creative and entertaining apps that inspire exploration of mathematic concepts.

Mathmateer. Freecloud Design developed this great rocketship-building, cartoon-style app that approaches math from a variety of vantage points: time-telling, money, geometric shapes and square roots. The game (and the mini-games within it) emphasizes critical and quick thinking. It is appropriate for ages 6 and up.

Sushi Monster. This game is a comedic multiplication game where the player feeds the monster different plates with the right number of sushi to keep the monster happy. The correct answer rewards gamers with stars, points and trophies. The game is simple enough and fast-paced enough to keep kids engaged. It is appropriate for ages 7 and up.

Motion Math: Zoom. This clever app teaches kids how to use the number line, addressing concepts like negatives and decimals. For kids who need some extra visuals understand of these concepts, Math Motion: Zoom presents an easy way for young users to drag, zoom and pop number bubbles. Teachers report this interface is very helpful for kids, according to Common Sense Media1. It also provides multiple levels of difficulty. Excellent for 4th and 5th graders.

Epic Math. For basic arithmetic, this app is a great starter. Ages 4 and up can play, starting to count out objects and earn points that they can spend at the toyshop. This app is really charming and beautifully drawn, but better for kids who have a little reading under their belt since the commands are written out rather than audio.

Numbers League. This game combines math skills and superheroes, what could be more fun? Players build their own superhero with different numbered body parts, adding up the parts to create a number designation. Then test their character by fighting a villain who also has a number designation. The game has five different levels ranging from basic addition to negatives and multiplication. Very inventive and effective, the app is great for kids ages 7 and up.

Devices hold an obvious appeal for kids, so time on the tablet should also be educational as well as entertaining. The lushly drawn graphics and animation, the sound effects and stories have reached a new height of innovation and imagination that invites kids in with a more full understanding of how human development and learning take place. All these apps are available on the Apple platform and for a few bucks or less, they can supplement math skills in a charming and enhancing way.





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