9 Independence Day Family Treats and Tricks To Help You Celebrate

The one big holiday of the summer isn’t complete without the stars and stripes, but here are some other happy additions to make your Fourth of July a special one.

This date marks a moment in history that we should never take lightly: we became a nation free of aristocratic rule, a nation where our beliefs and practices are our own. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are an integral part of our cultural identity, no matter where our ancestors came from, and no matter what race, sex, or religion we happen to be.

It makes sense that this ritual is bedazzled with our national colors, that there is fanfare, food, and flashy fireworks. In marking this occasion, we give thanks for the ability to flex our freedom everyday, and so a treat is surely in order, right?

Here are some fun, unique ideas to pull July 4th together in a way that truly makes it special for your family, friends, and neighbors.

  1. Plan a historic visit. No matter where you are in the U.S., there is likely a historic site nearby where festivities abound. You could also go on a more ambitious journey – to the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, or Plymouth Rock. Going as a group only makes it more momentous.
  1. Plan a neighborhood-wide parade. If there are no organized events in your area, plan one of your own! Consider decorating bikes, strollers, and wagons that the kids can ride in and fashion some celebratory music by handing out tambourines, whistles, and noisemakers. It can evolve into an annual blast for your neighborhood.
  1. Red, white, and blue fruit kabobs. Kids love assembling these, provided they are old enough to manage the pointy ends of the skewers. Use strawberries for red, blueberries for blue, and banana or marshmallows for the white. Yum!
  1. Capture the flag! Meet your friends at the park, cook up some burgers and dogs, and play a family-friendly game of capture the flag. So fun!
  1. Ribbon wands. For the little ones who are too young for firecrackers, you can cobble together some cool streamer wands with sticks and shiny nylon ribbon. Other options: bang snaps the kids can throw on the ground to make noise, pop guns, or bubbles.
  1. Red velvet ice cream sandwiches. These are great for kids because they are so visual and tasty, and great for adults because they are small! The recipe is so completely worth the effort but careful, your friends and neighbors will want you to make them every year. http://www.afarmgirlsdabbles.com/patriotic-ice-cream-sandwiches-red-velvet-shortbread-cookie-stars-cheesecake-ice-cream-recipe/
  1. American karaoke party. Karaoke is a snap if you have a laptop; you can create a playlist of patriotic songs and take turns trying to sing them, or have a sing-along. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know the words– that’s a tradition with karaoke.
  1. Firework video shoot. You know all those nifty features on your smartphone that produce cool effects but you never use? Now is the time. Even if store-bought fireworks are prohibited in your town, there are plenty of alternatives, like sparklers, flashlights, lasers, and programmable LEDs. Have a light-up dance party and utilize some of those cool filters. Hint: the slow-mo feature is awesome with illuminated movement.
  1. Fourth of July trivia. Broaden it up to include early American history and make some of the questions easy so the kids can get some answers right. Whoever wins can take the first crack at your red, white, and blue piñata.

Blending in some of the deeper meaning with the fun will actually give your kids something by which to remember the occasion, and serve as a reminder that we should never take our unique history for granted. Have a blast and be safe on this festive summer holiday.

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Susie Almaneih spent several years during her young adulthood teaching children dance at her church group, as well as other cultural-based activities. Susie now spends as much time as she can giving back to the families in her community. Over the years, this love for community has evolved into a deeper love for delivering positive and creative content and awareness to families of all ages.

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