7 Must-Read Blogs if Your Child Has Down Syndrome

The outpouring of love around Down syndrome is a special gift you can share with other parents.

All the parental concerns are magnified when your child had Down syndrome: are they healthy, are they making progress, is this the right school? These issues and decisions are already heavy, but they seem to carry more weight when if your household is working with Down.

It’s also fairly common for Down syndrome children to have comorbidity, or the presentation of health problems linked to Down. Modern medicine has made strides with this, but it also means that families with Down have added incentive to network.

Because of this, it can be enormously helpful for parents like you to reach out to other families, absorb other stories, and remind yourself that you are not doing this alone. Having a community, even online, is a big boost for kids and parents.

Our hats come off to these bloggers who keep careful and eloquent track of their child’s ups and downs and what it means for siblings, and share ways to aid Down syndrome kids in the everyday. Below are some noteworthy examples:

  1. Girl in a Party Hat. You will fall in love with Sophie as much as you fall in love with her mom. The writing is funny, frank, and really helpful: http://girlinapartyhat.com/
  1. Jaxson’s Fight. This family chronicles their birth daughter’s progress with Down and also tells the story of their adopted son’s struggle as a Down syndrome orphan from the Ukraine. jaxsonsfight.blogspot.com
  1. Swiss Family Carter brings together several cultures in an extraordinary story of a Brit and an American who lived in Switzerland and then Australia with their Down syndrome daughter. swissfamilycarter.blogspot.com
  1. Conny Wenk is the courageous mom of an exceptional kid, and she also happens to be a talented photographer, so the stories and images are deeply personal. http://www.connywenk.com
  1. Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County is an online group based in California that celebrates and educates. It’s a fantastic resource for parents, supplying nationwide news, local groups, information on medical conditions, and a forum for parents of Down syndrome kids.


  1. Down Wit Dat is a funny and irreverent parental point of view on being the parent to a Down kid among three kids. She’s a researcher and no-nonsense, but she also lightens it up to make the blog engaging and helpful at the same time.


  1. Noah’s Dad is a really touching and well-written blog from the father’s perspective. He also answers lots of common questions for families taking care of young Down syndrome kids.


The joy of raising a Down child is often overlooked or misunderstood, but people with Down syndrome are living longer, healthier, more self-sufficient lives all the time. Sharing the triumphs and the challenges is one way we can stay strong as parents and give society as a whole a much more clear understanding of these unique and wonderful individuals.



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Susie Almaneih spent several years during her young adulthood teaching children dance at her church group, as well as other cultural-based activities. Susie now spends as much time as she can giving back to the families in her community. Over the years, this love for community has evolved into a deeper love for delivering positive and creative content and awareness to families of all ages.

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