5 Unforgettable Family Vacation Ideas That You Can Actually Afford

These are the salad days, spend them with the people you love the most in the sweetest spot possible.


School is almost out and it’s time to plan those precious two weeks. Vacationing is expensive and if you don’t do it right, you wind up paying peak season prices in an overcrowded campground with your toddler (not) sleeping next to someone’s pounding sound system at 3am. Far from relaxing.


It’s better to blow off the cookie cutter vacation. There are plenty of possibilities that still give you that change of pace and calm you have worked so hard for. Check out some of these lovely destinations that will accommodate all your family members without breaking the bank.


  1. Chill Lakeside. One way to get that darling cottage with the view of the lake is to team up with another family. As long as all the adults have beds, the kids can sack out on cots or sleep mats, or pitch a tent outside, plus you get quality time with friends and everyone can take turns watching the kids and relaxing. We like the Tyler Place Family Resort in Lake Champlain, VT http://www.tylerplace.com/ and Cedar Glen Lodge in Lake Tahoe can hook you up with an ideal spot. http://www.tahoecedarglen.com/


  1. Key West. This place is known for it’s tropical beaches and eccentric residents with that laid-back island philosophy. Key West is a wonder of nature, with exotic fish, plants, birds, even manatees! Check out Air B&B, as you could very well find a bungalow on the beach and flights to FL are cheap this time of year if you book far enough ahead.


  1. Get your wilderness on at a National Park. You will actually be surprised the level of infrastructure you will find in the middle of these sweeping settings. The kids will lose their little minds at all the sights and sounds the natural world can provide, but you can still eat at a restaurant and walk with a stroller. There are too many magnificent National Parks to name here, but look into Yellowstone and Yosemite here: http://www.nps.gov/olym/index.htm


  1. Go on a Cruise. Those mega ships are moving hotels decked out with all kinds kid-friendly activities. Plus, the rates are really competitive and with a little research, you can pull together a package that will leave you extra funds to spend once you arrive in Cancun or Anchorage.


  1. Rhode Island. This is an often overlooked spot on the US map that dazzles the senses in all kinds of ways. This little ocean-bound state is so rich with sites and sounds, you will not be disappointed. Rent a beachside cabin, go fishing, visit the Gatsby-esque mansions and take a boat out for the day.


Make your hard-earned dollars go all the way whether you are looking for a full-scale adventure or a quiet lounge with a beautiful view. The goal is to get away from the madness of everyday life, and get together with the people you care about – and there are plenty of unforgettable ways to do it.

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