Up All Night: Kicking the Colic By Any Means Necessary

First of all, we feel for you. If your infant pulled the unlucky straw that is colic, you’ve had a rough road. It’s one of those developmental things that pediatricians still aren’t sure about, but whatever is going on there, it’s painful for babies and their parents.

There are theories that at around three weeks of age, the intestines are in a rapid and uneven spurt of growth, which might mean that digesting is painful. Then around four months, that spurt is done and 90% of babies get over it. Meanwhile, their parents are shivering in a corner – catatonic from lack of sleep.

There are things to do and things to know about colic. Here are a few tips to try if your baby is keeping you up all night.


  1. Gripe Water is your friend. If there is even a chance that gripe water will work, try it. It’s a harmless over-the-counter remedy that helps some babies quell the squalling.
  1. Try a gentle massage. It can help to caress your baby with gentle massage, rubbing in big circles, but be sensitive to how she or he responds and if it seems like touching his or her sensitive tummy is unwelcome, try something else.
  1. Make some noise. Babies sometimes respond to soothing sounds that remind them of the rhythmic heartbeat and gentle whooshing noises they heard in the womb. This can even be the dryer or the vacuum. Anything constant and like a low hum may help.
  1. Wear the baby around the house. Some babies colic and squirm, where others stiffen up and don’t seem to want to be held. But if your infant’s version of colic is mostly tears, then put her in the sling and wear her around.
  1. Lavender Bath. The warm water and soothing smell of lavender essential oil can do wonders to calm a baby down. Even if it’s two in the morning, draw a little bath and give him ten minutes to mellow out, then try to put him down again.
  1. Probiotics. Some studies have indicated that administering probiotics to infants can turn the volume down on the crying and discomfort. Make sure you use a reputable brand and follow the recommendations for dosage.
  1. Know that it will be over soon. It’s a killer – the sleep deprivation, and so to get through it, reach out for help. Take naps whenever you can and know that your baby isn’t going to die from colic, it’s a phase and she will outgrow it.


Out heart goes out to you and hopefully some of these suggestions will aid in relieving this really mysterious part of babyhood. For more information on getting baby to sleep, check out our blog: http://www.discobratz.com/blog/5-things-you-can-do-to-get-your-family-on-a-sleep-schedule/






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