Unique Ways to Show Dad How Awesome He is: Some Craft and Gift Ideas for Father’s Day.

Gone are the days of cuff links and pipes. Hook Dad up this year with some fresh ideas.

Dads work really hard, and often don’t get the same quality time as Mom does. It used to be a new This Father’s Day, celebrate the guy that makes it happen every day with some inventive activities and gifts that kids can get excited about.

Make Dad a custom gift basket. Dad’s love hot sauce, a new pair of shades, a Swiss army knife, a new belt, or maybe a collection of barbeque utensils. Consult the kids on some little trinkets that Dad will enjoy; you’ll be surprised what they come up with. Some other ideas: popcorn, nuts, and his favorite homemade cookies

Old school toys and candy. He grew up in the era of Rubik’s Cubes and Pop Rocks. Why not get him a goody bag of treats and games that take him on a little stroll down memory lane, you know, before the kids were born.

Family Collage. The problem with the convenience of digital photography is that we rarely print anything out anymore. But this presents a golden opportunity for Father’s Day: you and the kids can go through the photos and make him a really eye-catching collage. Kid’s love cutting shapes and “enhancing” photos with markers, glitter and stickers. Dad will be so impressed and surprised with a framed collage with all your faces.

World’s Best Dad Trophy. It may be a gag gift, but it’s a good one: go to a trophy shop and pick out an extravagant one, maybe of his favorite sport or just a giant gold cup. Get the plate monogrammed with his name and a silly statement about his outstanding achievement as World’s Best Dad. It will provide ongoing amusement for him and his friends.

A little pampering, Dad-style. How Come Mom gets all the goods when it comes to healthy self-care? Dad needs a break too, so looking into getting him some creature comforts like a backscratcher, massager, or even a trip to the chiropractor or massage therapist. You will definitely make him feel appreciated.

Coupon for the brewery in a homemade card. If the Dad in your house is a beer drinker, he’s in luck: this is the golden era of microbrews. Nearly all towns big or small are seeing creative, locally produced beer gardens and pubs pop up. The kids can make him a card and you can slip a gift certificate for him and a friend to check out a new place. Sometimes just some chill time in a new spot is a winning gift.

Your special guy spends much of his time making sure everyone in the household is clothed, fed, well rested and happy. This time of year let him know how much the family loves and appreciates him with a little creativity and effort.



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