Rolling Right Along: In Search of the Best Dual Jogging Stroller for Your Active Family

You’re in the double digits now – time to pony up with a new set of wheels.


If you are the proud parent of a second baby or twins, congratulations! Now that you’ve given birth and everyone is healthy and happy your next concern might be…the baby weight.

If you are still on full-time mom duty, and breast-feeding, you are eating for two, or possibly three! Getting your exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can become a challenge, especially since fatigue is par for the course.

The solution for many moms and dads is the two-kid stroller and there are some fantastic ones out there that not only will transport your kids in comfort and style, these strollers will ensure you get your blood moving on a regular basis.

Whether you were a serious runner before your pregnancy or this is your first crack at jogging, utilizing a double running stroller will get you moving again. Take look at some of these babies that can get you back in action and keep your mood elevated while you are in new baby mode.


Baby Jogger 2013 POD Chassis


This award-winning design is brilliant; 30 pounds and strong enough to carry up to 100 pounds of weight. The 20-inch wheels provide a comfortable ride that can adapt to pavement or path, and its hand-locking, rear drum brakes are excellent for quick stops on rough terrain.

This stroller is easily transported because the wheels are quick release and it folds flat without requiring tools. What is even cooler is that you can also purchase a conversion kit that will enable this double stroller to become a bike trailer, which is an excellent way to change up your exercise routine.

Even when the kids are older, this one works because it’s like being in their own tiny room. The compartment zips closed if your little ones need a little added protection from the weather, and a plush bench seat can accommodate two toddlers.


BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller


The BOB is the high water mark of baby strollers because it offers excellent maneuverability, intuitive functionality and is very lightweight. This particular model has all the standard safety features like foot pedal wheel lock and five-point safety belts. A cool two-step folding system makes it simple to collapse and stash, but it also brags neat options like an adjustable padded handle bar with nine different positions so that you can adjust for your height. This model offers compatibility with certain Britax products if you opt for the separate car seat adapter. So transitioning from the car to the stroller is that much simpler.

And don’t discount the smooth ride. It has world-class suspension with three inches of travel and two stages of weight support so take this baby off road! It’s a side-by-side so be forewarned that it’s wider than a single file.


Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller


This double jogging stroller offers comfort, flexibility and style at a great price. Ideal for twins, the Baby Trend Navigator makes it painless to transport your little ones from car to stroller with car seat compatibility. With standard five-point harness attachments, getting your babies or toddlers in and out of the seats is a snap. It weighs a little more, 43 pounds, and can carry a load of up to 50 pounds.

The adjustable handle bar will accommodate your height, and the kids can relax while you get your work out with the ratcheting seat backs and independent canopies.


BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller


The BOB Revolution Pro is really designed for athletic parents. It features a single, guiding swivel wheel in front for smooth maneuverability, a light frame with the total weight at 34 pounds, and single-action release for compression and easy in-and-out of your vehicle.

Hand-activated rear brakes enable more control on dirt or steep inclines, and it’s got that classy suspension that makes BOB products stand out. Moms have described the BOB Revolution Pro like “a cloud on ball bearings” for the smooth action and responsiveness.

Some other perks: padded seats, the five-point harness requirement, independently adjustable canopies made out of reflective material for weather protection. For longer jaunts, this one is a great tool.

There is no reason that you cannot be active while your kids are still young, and the sooner you get back into the groove, the better. Another good motivator: you start modeling physical activity for your children while they are young. Even if you just go for long walks, the point is to get you and those young kids out and about with ease.



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