Memorial Day: Honoring the Fallen with the New Blossoms of spring

A few years after the American Civil War, a loose organization of Union Veterans headed by General John A Logan established “decoration day” for families to put flowers at the gravestones of fallen soldiers. All over the country, people visited the graves of their deceased loved ones who fought in the many battles that threatened to divide the country. The veterans chose May 30th because all the spring flowers would be in bloom.

While the idea of putting flowers on the graves of soldiers had been around since the ancient Greeks, that bittersweet remembrance didn’t become a national holiday until 1971. Memorial Day is now a time when we collectively remember those strong men and women that gave their lives in service of our country.

It’s a good time to explain our unlikely and unique history to our children, to take stock in our shared values, no matter what our political leanings might be. We can all get behind an ideology of self- governance and the freedom of the individual. These ideas where almost entirely new to Western culture at the inception of our country, and might never have taken hold had some brave souls not believed in them so fiercely.

May is a season of hope and rebirth. We plant seeds so that our dreams and our children’s dreams may take root and bloom. As everything comes back to life, this holiday affords us a moment to take our hats off, to honor the memory of a great many contributors to our modern nation. Before school gets out and summer rolls in, we can experience a moment of gratitude and impart a little wisdom on our loved ones, whose freedoms we treasure as much as our own.


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