Fruit Ninja Lets Kids Plunder Produce in a Delightful Aim Game

Remember Gallagher, from the early 80s? No? Before your time? Well, this was a guy whose whole comedic style was based on destroying various fruits and veggies in front of a live audience. It sounds ludicrous, but if you have ever dropped a melon from a height, or taken a bat to a pumpkin, you understand just how captivating it can be.

And maybe you want your kids to experience this strange rush but you aren’t so jazzed about cleaning it up, or wasting food, for that matter. Well, here is the solution. Juicy explosions and mouthwatering motions cascade across the device screen with Fruit Ninja. This game will satisfy that childish instinct to simply wreck fruit and leave a major mess, except there is no mess!

Some of the cool features Fruit Ninja offers:

  • Multiplayer available on iPad and iPod Touch
  • Available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
  • Customer ratings gave this game 5.5 stars

It is so simple but somehow so entrancing to watch watermelons, pears, peaches and kiwi fly across the vibrant display, only to be splattering into pieces with a delicious squelching sound. Players can pick their characters and weapons for a variety of fruit slicing techniques, racking up points and powerups.

Combining the skills of a master swordsman and a master chef, this game is not only addictive, it’s also really amusing. The characters, drawn in a style reminiscent of Japanimation cartoons, interact with the players and provide them with a narrative and gameplay options. The bright graphics, fluid animation and succulent sound effects round out the gameplay. Great for all ages and that includes adults, this activity is full-on wild romp.


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