Free Play Cooking with Toca Kitchen Monsters Early Learning App

Sometimes the best way to learn is to experiment, but in the kitchen, that can be messy – and dangerous! For little ones who are curious about cooking, the Toca Monsters app is a unique digital toy that encourages kids to explore ingredients, prepare and test their concoctions on two lovable monsters.

Designed around the idea that free play is just as useful as games with a defined objective, this app lets kids slice, boil, fry and mix their chosen ingredients to determine what a good meal requires. Monsters taste the food and respond by actually eating it or spitting it out. Unlike many apps for this age, there is no point system, no timers and no fast-paced music. It’s a novel idea in a world where, virtually or literally, we place a high premium on winning.

Some other features that set the app apart:

  • No in-app purchases
  • No ads
  • Vegetarian option

The developers at Toca Boca created gorgeous, original artwork that inspires the imagination. Simple and silly, this app is a different approach to learning that parents really appreciate. One mother proclaimed, “I showed my five year-old twins this game a month ago and they haven’t stopped playing it!” Users have reported that their children became increasingly interested in food after playing Toca Monster Kitchen. And when it comes to food and nutrition, some parents need all the help they can get.

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