Big Time Fun from the Big Top! ABC Circus for Early Readers

There is pretty much nothing more inspiring to kids than a circus. The big top has it all: dancers, animals, wild costumes, clowns, dazzling music, impossible performances. Everything about the circus captures the childhood imagination.

So until the show comes to town again, Joy Preschool Game, the creators of the ABC Circus, have brilliantly combined an enticing circus theme with early learning. For kids between the ages of 2-4, this app introduces the alphabet in a playful, engaging way. Building in beginning reading and writing skills, the app has 9 different games with various objectives to keep your little one motivated and entertained. Upper and lower case characters with corresponding animals let kids trace, match and make simple words. Voice led characters and fun music liven up the gameplay and emphasize both the verbal and the visual.

Other nifty tips about this app for parents:

  • The latest version has a worksheet print option
  • Joy Preschool Game offers learning support on their Facebook page
  • This developer has a slew of great games for this age group

If you want an easy, intuitive way to start your child on the path to learning letters and numbers, this is an excellent place to start. The ABC Circus app comes highly recommended by early education experts, in part because it utilizes all the sensory qualities of smart devices, but its doesn’t provide too much stimulus. As a complement to books, outdoor play, and lots of socialization, this app can enhance the joy of learning for you and your little one.

Check out the app here:

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