Be Mine: 5 Great Gifts and Crafts the Whole Family Can Share for Valentine’s Day

Spreading the love around is easy, and making something special for the people you love is even easier.

Roses, jewels, chocolate, and candy hearts: Valentine’s Day gives us plenty to play with when it comes to visual treats. And while nothing says “I love you” quite like a box of bonbons, another thing that really attests to our warmth and affection for others is taking the time to make them a gift. We’ve collected some brilliant activities in which Valentines young and old can participate. Check out these unique and simple ideas that will really show your partner, friends, family, and co-workers how much you care.

1. Make a Foam Heart Photo Frame

At craft stores, they sell packages of thin colored foam with a sticky back that can be cut into different shapes, or they may even have pre-cut hearts. Some other materials you will need: glue, a great photo of the family, cardboard or thick gauge mat board, a pencil, flat magnet, and an Exacto knife (obviously for grown-ups only). Draw a heart about the size of the photo, then draw another heart outside of the first one about two inches wider. With the knife, cut along the lines to make the frame. Then stick or glue your foam hearts on the front, arranging them however you like. Flip the frame over and cut the photo into a heart shape the size of the frame, then glue it. Lastly, glue the magnets to either side of the back of the frame. Done!

2. Handprint Heart

All you need for this one is cardstock and paint, and maybe some glitter if you want to get fancy. Fold the cardstock in half then open it back up. Have the kids paint one hand completely in one color and press the hand diagonally across the fold (the heel of the hand makes the top crest of the heart). Wait for the first color to dry, then do the same with the opposite hand, lining up the fingertips to make the bottom point of the heart. You can do these assembly line-style as you are waiting for the paint to dry, then write your greetings or embellish the hearts to your heart’s content.

3. Clay Heart Mobile

Find some bakeable polymer at the craft store, roll out different colors (you can also swirl colors with traditional pink and red), roll it flat about half and inch and either using cookie cutters or a butter knife to cut out heart shapes. Punch a hole with a pencil through each one before baking. Then you can either use a wire coat hanger or wire to make a circle and tie your hearts to the frame with ribbon or twine. Distribute them evenly around the wire circle and then use another piece of twine to make it hang by securing each end to the wire at opposite sides and tying a loop in the exact middle of the twine.

4. Bouquet of Paper Flowers

This one is so easy-peasy: cut some coffee filters into different sizes and use diluted paint to “stain” them different colors. After they are dry, fit them together so the smallest ones are nested in the larger ones. Twist the bottom and use a green pipe cleaner to wrap around the bottom for the stem. If everyone makes one, you will have a family bouquet!

5. Lollipop Butterflies

These are great for classrooms or even for the office because they are so easy. What you’ll need: construction paper, lollys, googly eyes, scissors, and glitter pens. Fold your construction paper in half, cutting out the shape of the butterfly’s wings. Open it up and cut two small slits perpendicular to the fold. Slip the stick of the lolly into the slits and stick the googly eyes on the lollypop wrapper. Finish by decorating with glitter pens.

Valentine’s Day is another great excuse to take some time out of your busy life and roll up your sleeves in a crafting project. Kids love this time and it provides bonding and the simple satisfaction of completing a project. And the best part? You have a thoughtful, creative gift for the special people in your life.



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