Are you Ready to Rumble? The Monster Truck Destruction Game App

Let’s face it: little boys love trucks. Whether it’s nature or nurture, and of course there are exceptions, (some boys like snap circuits and some girls also like trucks) there is something utterly mesmerizing to little guys about jacked up, thundering trucks.

And if we lived in a world where our vehicles were made out of feathers and marshmallows, we could hand our four year-old boys the keys and say, “just put it away when you are done with it.” Right, like they would ever be done with it.

Well, until they are grown up enough to wash the mud off the flaps of their big diesels themselves, there is a safer alternative: the Monster Truck Destruction app by Chillingo. Yes, your little man will flip his virtual lid when he sees this nifty app. He can now drive over other cars, jump off huge ramps (onto other cars) compete in the track race where he can drive over other cars. It’s his dream, realized.

Game Features:
• Thrilling and destructive gameplay
• Realistic truck physics and a dynamic damage system
• Drag, Freestyle, and Championships to compete in
• Excellent visuals and a head-banging soundtrack
• Choose from four different control methods from tap steering to dual joysticks
• Take pictures of your stunts and share then on Facebook and Twitter

This game is frighteningly close to the actual thing; it uses life-like physics and sound effects to recreate the maelstrom of a real monster truck rally. Players can select from 30 different customized vehicles with comic names like Bigfoot and Black Widow. There are potential hours of maniacal crash and burn stunts so that kids can get the destruction out of their systems and you can put off worrying, at least until they turn 16.

Download the app here:

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