9 Picnic Tips for Your Family’s Summertime Adventures

You can pack tons of fun, nutrition, and convenience into your daytrip kit – here’s how.

Getting out to the beach, the mountains, or the concert in the park? This year, plan smart so that you and your family, as well as whoever you are day-tripping with, has everything they need. When it comes to a successful summer outing, the preparation is part of the fun!

Here are few helpful tips for making your little trips a smooth and pleasant journey and destination.

  1. Pack a daytrip kit that stays in the car. Some things are essential no matter where you are, and if you keep a nylon zip-up bag of these things stashed in the car, you don’t have to worry about forgetting them. Check off items like: sunscreen, a flashlight, wet wipes, and insect repellant.
  1. Freeze it. Rather than taking bulky, heavy icepacks to keep things cool, consider freezing anything you will be lunching on like grapes, cold pasta salad, and even yogurt containers. You will save space and weight, not to mention, make the trip home easier.
  1. Invest in a picnic basket or backpack. There is so much good design out there that there’s no need to drag disposable plastic with you on your outings. A little research online will reveal the brilliant options for economized, lightweight picnic supplies. Try REI; they are the masters with outdoor equipment.
  1. Super snacks. Bananas, whole avocados, and nori are highly portable, kids love them, and they are totally healthy. Makes sure the kids are well-supplied as to avoid melt-downs during the to-and-fro.
  1. Ditch the soda. It’s messy, it is easily agitated during travel, and it can give everyone a sugar hangover. Instead, consider fresh juice mixed with bubbly water. Pack them separately and mix them when you get there.
  1. Hydrate! Don’t forget to bring plenty of water on your journey and remind everyone to keep drinking. It’s easy to get distracted and forget, and dehydration is the pits.
  1. Games, books, and markers. For the drive, throw in some handy activities that will entertain the kids.
  1. Heavy-duty blanket. You should have one, thick blanket that has its own bag and lives in the car. Throw it in the wash every now and then but the point is to throw it on the ground no matter where you are. We also recommend lightweight shade options, especially if you have a baby.
  1. Back-up snacks. Energy bars, fruit leather, nuts, or other non-perishable munchies are great for emergencies – you can even store them in your car kit.

One easy way to accomplish your master picnic is to create a list, allocate tasks to every family member, and let the kids check everything off. Stay safe this summer and have a marvelous, well-prepped time in the outdoors, soaking up the sun and the company.





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