9 No-Stress Kid Snacks That Will Crack Them Up and Make Them Eat

Sometimes the trick to getting your kids to eat healthy snacks is as simple as adding the ingredient of fun.

Burnt out on trying to make your children eat something besides candy and potato chips? DiscoBratz has got you covered. With very little prep and a smidge of creativity, your can get them helping out and enthusiastic about snack time. Here’s a sampling of low-prep snacks they can make with you with nutritious, whole ingredients.

  1. Apple cars! It only takes the little tweak of you slicing an apple, a few grapes, and there you have edible cars. Here’s a good picture and detailed, yet easy instructions: http://www.kidspot.com.au/kitchen/recipes/apple-race-car-snacks-3462
  1. No-bake date balls! Kids like this one for the hands-on factor and the sweetness. They make great snacks for on-the-go as substitutes for store bought energy bars: http://www.kidspot.com.au/kitchen/recipes/no-bake-coconut-and-date-balls-2934
  1. Banana smoothie. Pull up a stool so they can drop in a frozen banana, a dollop of yogurt, a handful of crushed ice and honey. Other options are peanut butter, cinnamon, and berries. Blending a kid-friendly smoothie has never been this tasty!
  1. Fruit and cheese kabobs! Why is it so much more enticing on a stick? We don’t know, but if they are older than toddler age, you can let them harpoon fruit and cheese on sticks. Then eat them like corn on the cob!
  1. Ants on a Log! Celery, peanut butter, and some raisins, and you are in business for this creative yet nutritious treat.
  1. Watermelon Balls! This can be just as much an activity as a snack: give them a melon baller tool and big slice and let them have at it. Maybe set this one up outside so you can spray them down with the hose afterwards. Indoor stickiness isn’t always optimal!
  1. Cauliflower sheep! Get crafty with some black olives and steamed or raw cauliflower. Need a little extra inspiration? Watch Shaun the Sheep
  1. Hotdog Octopus! Are you good with a knife? Slicing into the cut end of a hot dog can give it tentacles! Check out this really fun idea: http://www.cutefoodforkids.com/2010/11/one-wiener-dog-2-crabs-2-octopus.html.
  1. Hardboiled egg chicks! This is so cute and simple, you’ll want to eat it too. All you have to do is decorate the fat side of the egg with bits of carrot, red pepper, or cheese: peep, peep!


Once you start to get a little playful with the reinvention of the daytime snack, you will look around your kitchen and see veggies in a different way yourself. It’s not that every meal has to be a food stylist work of art, but you will be amazed at how readily they scarf up a banana “caterpillar,” which is basically just banana slices arranged slightly differently on the plate. The object is to get your kids involved and get them curious about flavor, color, and texture, so be patient, keep exploring, and have a laugh over food with your kids.





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