9 Father’s Day Outings He Will Remember Forever

Gifts are great, but going on an adventure is the stuff that makes memories.

Why not take Dad on a journey for his special day? Take him somewhere he’s never been, or someplace he knows by heart. With a little creativity and planning, you can make Father’s Day an excursion he will tell his friends about for a long time.

The best trips always have a little bit of everything: some relaxation, some excitement, something delicious, and something new. Check out this great bucket list of stuff Dad will totally dig.

  1. Classic Car Show. During the spring and summer, there is one of these gatherings in a parking lot near you practically every weekend.
  1. Antique Flea Market Treasure Hunt. Get crafty and put some clues in a hat (find something yellow and fuzzy), then break up into teams and give everyone $5.
  1. Kayaking. Never been before? That’s even more reason. Two-man kayaks are great for younger kids and you can pack a lunch and picnic on a riverbank.
  1. Go-Carts. There is something about getting jostled around in those little cars that guys seem to love.
  1. Give Him a Lesson. Everyone wants to get better at something, even if they are already really good. A cooking lesson, a golf lesson….which skill does Dad want to improve?
  1. Waterpark. Is it getting hot where you live? A day of slipping and sliding is a fine way to spend Father’s Day.
  1. Go Fish. If he’s never tried it, he just might get hooked. If he’s already a pro, maybe you and the kids can make fish and chips together.
  1. Hit the Trail. Sometimes the simplest things make the most sense. Some fresh air and a beautiful view make the moment perfect.
  1. Paintball. If he’s a hunter, this is a totally safe family activity that gets the adrenalin pumping. So fun!
  1. A Day at the Museum. If Dad is a studier, there is likely a great exhibit of something he will find fascinating. You may have to prep the kids if they are not equally excited, but just remind them that it’s his day.
  1. Fancy Dinner Date. You can always call a sitter, make reservations, and get dolled up for a lovely kid-free evening. Choose someplace that the kids wouldn’t eat at in a million years, have cocktails, and Uber it home. He’ll love that.

Think outside the box a little, and you can come up with some additional great ways to spend this annual special time with the guy who holds it together for you and your kids everyday. Put yourself in his big shoes for a sec and think about what his ideal day is. If it happens to be pizza and a movie, that’s also a perfect Father’s Day. The important thing is that you carve some time out to be together, have a laugh, and enjoy being a family.



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