7 Things That Can Help You Prevent Mommy Meltdown

This time of the year is especially tough on moms who are trying to do it all.

Remember back to before you had kids, and you see a mom absolutely losing it on her child in the parking lot or the grocery store and your inner, judgy voice said, “Wow, that lady is a bad parent.” Then you had kids yourself and you look back on that lady’s meltdown and you want to give her a hug of solidarity.

We are all likely to lose it like that on a day of failed plans, important now lost objects, whining, tantrums, and general household mayhem. No mommy can or should be expected to keep a smile on her face 100% of the time.

The end of the summer is tough. There are forms and meetings and shots and dentist appointments. Some kids transition smoothly and some kids act like the world is ending at every single drop off.

On the work front, things are no less chaotic because time is ticking in the last quarter of the year and there is business to conduct, deadlines to meet, goals to be met, and agendas to be planned. Is it really any wonder that we sort of lose our minds right now?

One thing that can help us buckle up for this wild ride is strategizing. Things may not always go according to plan, but having some actions in place in advance can avoid, or at least minimize, the mommy meltdown.

  1. Forgive yourself. Before you do anything else, sit yourself down and notice all the good work you have put in thus far. They are clothed and fed and they have a roof over their heads, so well done, Mom. Acknowledge that you don’t have to do everything, and don’t go for perfect, go for perfect-ish.
  1. Frontload the workload. Often our schedules serve to inhibit rather than facilitate productivity, so getting creative with chores, loose ends, emails, and phone calls will help to reduce the stress. Hint: some parents wake up an hour before the kids and tick some of these persnickety tasks off the list.
  1. Make friends with the “I can’t talk right now” feature on your phone. When you are juggling, let go of the pressure to answer every call. A quick “Let’s talk when I have time” is all that most folks need to know if you are a busy mom.
  1. Call in the troops. Allocate all the tasks that don’t require your specific input, especially if you have teenagers in your home. For bigger jobs, consider babysitters, house cleaning services, or pre-prepared food delivery, (Thrive is an excellent way to solve the healthy meal problem), and check out TaskRabbit for random stuff like gutter cleaning.
  1. Get your exercise and alone time. These are the two essential things we moms sacrifice first; protect them! Getting your dose of exercise is critical to keeping the mood up, and alone time lets you process independently of your family. If you have trouble with this, refer back to number one.
  1. Light at the end of the tunnel. With autumn madness, we can lose ourselves and it’s an understatement to call it overwhelm. Plan something a month out to look forward to, like a day trip to wine country, a concert, a hike, or a sojourn into the city. Just planting something firmly on the schedule can alleviate the mental pressure.
  1. Little Rewards. Even if it means cruising Amazon for a new wallet at 11:30pm, give yourself a treat that will not ding your waistline. Pick something that you carry around with you so you can tell yourself, this is my sanity reward! I earned this!

Small, self-care measures can counteract tedium and keep you from going into overdrive mentally and emotionally. We live in a demanding world and those forces can and will affect our parenting. The goal is to control what is within our personal purview and roll with the rest. And remember from item number one above – Not perfect. Perfect-ish.

About Susie Almaneih

Susie Almaneih spent several years during her young adulthood teaching children dance at her church group, as well as other cultural-based activities. Susie now spends as much time as she can giving back to the families in her community. Over the years, this love for community has evolved into a deeper love for delivering positive and creative content and awareness to families of all ages.

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