11 Crafty and Cool Activities to Beat the Heat with Your Kids

If the closest body of water is not so close, here are some great ways to stay cool that will entertain your children.

Sometimes summer is hard work with all we have to do to keep our temperatures and our tempers down, and that goes double for the young ones. It’s easy to get lazy or cranky in the blazing heat, and no one wants that, right?

The kids will be grateful then, when you whip out some of these excellent activities that will keep your campers cool and happy.

  1. Ice necklace. It’s so easy you’ll laugh. Lanyard string really works the best. String some some beads at intervals by tying on both sides, then push the empty sections into an ice cube tray. Fill with water and freeze, then pop out the cubes. Done!
  1. PVC sprinkler. This is a little trickier because it requires tools but it’s so worth it! Assemble and glue the PVC tubes and elbows into a square with a fitting that will attach directly to the hose. Drill several small holes in random places facing up, and turn that bad boy on! Even babies love it.
  1. Water balloon hopscotch. Sidewalk chalk and some not-so-sturdy balloons filled with water are an instant splash. You can also get a set of dice, and call out the numbers, and the kids take turns trying to hit the right number and wipe it out.
  1. Frozen fruit of all colors, textures, and flavors. You can blend up frozen fruit and make smoothies, or do the reverse and blend up fresh fruit and freeze into popsicles.
  1. Pots and pans band. Fill up your various containers (metal works best) with different levels of water and hand out some maillots or wooden spoons. Kids love experimenting with sound, and if they get wet, so much the better.
  1. Ice palaces. Grab whatever plastic containers you have lying around, fill them up, and freeze them. Then on the lawn, the kids can stack the ice like blocks and use food coloring and salt to create neat patterns in the ice.
  1. Make it from scratch so the kids can squeeze the lemons by hand. It’s like drinking shade.
  1. Apple bobbing. You don’t need to wait until fall for this great game! Get a tub or bucket, fill it up with water, and let the kids try to bite the apples.
  1. Ice watercolors. Still have that ice cube tray that is now a crafting tool? Great, just fill it back up – this time with watercolor added in different shades. When it’s frozen, turn the kids loose on a big sheet of paper (outside, of course).
  1. Cold potato toss. Fill up some of those water balloons and freeze them, then the kids can have an egg toss. Make sure they get it that the ice is hard and they need to toss, not throw.
  1. Frozen tee shirt game. You guessed it, fold a bunch of old shirts and separate them with newspaper or wax paper. The first kid who manages to get the frozen shirt on, wins!

These are the simple kinds of laughs kids will remember forever, especially if you add a little novelty, a little challenge, and a little creativity into the mix. Staying cool takes effort, but it can also be a big part of the fun.



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Susie Almaneih spent several years during her young adulthood teaching children dance at her church group, as well as other cultural-based activities. Susie now spends as much time as she can giving back to the families in her community. Over the years, this love for community has evolved into a deeper love for delivering positive and creative content and awareness to families of all ages.

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