10 Splendidly Spooky Halloween Crafts and Decorations You Can Make at Home

Time to get your “BOO!” on with some outrageously inventive crafts.

Hands down, Halloween is just the best: the best treats, the best surprises, and the best pageantry. How can you not want to howl at the moon this time of the year?

To get into the creepy spirit, here are some fun ideas to play with that little hands can make easily.

  1. Popsicle Stick Spider Webs! You’ll need: white paint, white yard, some little plastic spiders (unless you want to have at that with some black pipe-cleaners), and a little glue, and your kids can construct some nifty geometric webs. (http://www.parents.com/holiday/halloween/decorating/deck-the-howls-with-these-easy-halloween-crafts/?page=3 photo for reference)
  1. Black Cat Lights! Do you have a string or two of Christmas lights lying around? You can use black cardboard to cut out the shape of cat or bat faces and pull the lamps through little slits to make eyes. When you turn out the lights, they look really sinister!
  1. Day of the Dead Paper Plate Masks! These are super easy to make, simple cut skull shapes out of paper plates and decorate with glitter, marker, paint and sequins. Colored straws or dowels can be attached to the bottoms or you can use string to tie the masks on.
  1. Painted and Bedazzled Pumpkins! In addition to the carving, kids get a huge kick out of finger painting and decorating their pumpkins. Go crazy with stencils and spray paint, stickers or confetti!
  1. Eeeek! Black light Bugs! Spray paint some rubbery snakes and spiders with Day-Glo paint, If you take a thin mesh and hang it from under your awning, you can toss your creepy critters in there, and swap your porch light for a black light. Your neighbors will be able to see the glowing critters from the street.
  1. Printed animal silhouettes! If you have scraps of printed wrapping paper, black lace or anything else flat and patterned, you can make cardboard cut outs of animals like owls, cats, bats, and rats, heck, make some trees and do a whole scene!
  1. Coffee Can Scarecrow! This guy is going to need to borrow your big floppy straw hat for a minute. Layer brown or yellow construction paper around the can, use buttons, string, bottle caps, or any other household bit and bobs to decorate his face, and you have a hilarious Halloween decoration for your front stoop.
  1. Water Gallon Ghost Lanterns! Again, repurposing Christmas lights, you can stuff a length of the sting into a small hole in the bottom and use black paint with good coverage to black out the eyes and mouth.
  1. Spooky Mirror! This one requires a little skill in the drawing department and some dry erase markers. If you can score a mirror from the thrift store or you have an old one lying around in your basement, you are going to want to put it to use. Hopefully it has a beat up, gothic frame and the zinc has deteriorated a little. Mount it on the wall, have one of the kids stand in front of it and trace an outline around their shoulders and head just for reference. Then you can put it on the floor and draw a witch, a ghost, a zombie or any other scary character, just leave out the face so when you remount it on the wall, it frames the person in the reflection.

One of the reasons this holiday is so fun is the level of creativity we can express with no inhibitions. It’s ok to be ugly, silly, scary, or weird on this Hallowed of Eves. Make a little magic happen and roll up those sleeves because it doesn’t take much and the reward is forever.





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